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Take the First Step Towards a Life of Optimal Health and Wellness

Welcome to Orion Family Spinal Center in Lake Orion, MI, where our mission is to unlock your true health potential by addressing the root cause of your problems. Understanding that your brain and nervous system command every function within your body through the spinal cord and nerves, our focus is on ensuring these vital communications flow unimpeded. By optimizing this connection, we empower your body to achieve and maintain peak health performance. Join us at Orion Family Spinal Center, and take the first step towards a life of optimal health and wellness.

Our Services

Chiropractic Care

Find relief and long-term wellness tailored to your individual condition.

Pain Management

Say goodbye to masking pain with our painless laser therapy.

Weight Loss

Experience safe, easy, and long-term weight loss with Contour Light®.

Meet Our Doctor – Dr. Chris Bennett

I decided to become a Chiropractor in Lake Orion because I have always loved this area. My wife attended Lake Orion High School, and we decided that Lake Orion was the area where we wanted to have our Chiropractic practice and the place where we wanted to raise our children. We have enjoyed serving the community here in Lake Orion, and in 2016, we won the reader’s choice of Best of the Best Chiropractor in Lake Orion and Oxford. This previous year, we were blessed to win the Best of the Best Chiropractor in Oakland County. We have been serving here in the community for five years and will continue to serve.

Take Advantage of Our $49 New Patient Special


Our experienced chiropractors use a “whole person” approach to chiropractic care and wellness. This means that we work with our patients to determine their particular wellness needs and craft personalized care plans to help them achieve the highest quality of life.

Unlock the Power of Upper Cervical Specific  Chiropractic Care

By concentrating on the upper cervical area, we aim to restore balance and promote the body's innate healing capabilities without invasive techniques. Our dedicated professionals are deeply committed to this meticulous practice, offering a pathway to relief and long-term wellness tailored to each individual's condition.


No twisting of the body or neck is required.

Reduced Risk

By only treating an area when needed, risk is reduced.

Enhanced Wellbeing

Precision-focused care targeting the upper cervical spine for holistic wellbeing.

Enhanced Healing

Enhances natural healing by correcting spinal alignment at its source.

Long-Term Relief

Promotes long-term relief from chronic symptoms and conditions.

Improved Functioning

Aids in improving overall nervous system function for better health.