Pain Management

Do you wish your pain could be controlled so that you could spend more time doing the things that you love? At Orion Family Spinal Center, we can help you overcome your chronic pain with laser therapy

Stop Missing Out On Your Life Because Of Pain

Struggling with chronic pain can isolate you, stealing precious moments from your life and leaving you feeling helpless. Orion Family Spinal Center offers a beacon of hope with our advanced laser therapy, designed to not just manage but overcome your pain, freeing you to enjoy life’s pleasures again. Renowned for delivering exceptional outcomes through a variety of treatment options, our approach focuses on addressing the root cause of your discomfort without reliance on narcotics or temporary fixes. From your very first visit, our dedicated team tailors a personalized treatment plan, ensuring individualized care that leads to real success stories. Don’t resign yourself to living in pain; reach out to us at Orion Family Spinal Center and take the first step toward reclaiming the life you love.

Find Pain Relief With Laser Therapy

Our laser therapy is designed to treat patients suffering from pathologies affecting a wide area and perform automatic applications. Thanks to our high-end technology, a wide area is treated instantaneously, helping to produce an immediate response of the treated tissues.

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Our experienced chiropractors use a “whole person” approach to chiropractic care and wellness. This means that we work with our patients to determine their particular wellness needs and craft personalized care plans to help them achieve the highest quality of life.

What Is Laser Therapy?

Consult With Pain Management Doctors in Orion Charter Township, Near Detroit, MI.

At Orion Family Spinal Center, our team delivers a diverse range of cutting-edge treatments, including our highly effective laser therapy, tailored to ensure outcomes far beyond what traditional clinics can offer. We do not offer narcotics and interventional therapies, focusing instead on a holistic strategy that seeks not just to mask pain but to address its root cause, aligning with our core mission to work in harmony with your body’s natural healing processes.

Find Out What We Can Treat

Nerve Pain


Lower Back Pain

Plantar Fasciitis

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Burning or Painful Hands and Feet

Numbness and Tingling in Hands and Feet

Muscle Knotting and Joint Pain

Peripheral Neuropathy

nerve pain, pins and needles

Knee Pain Shoulder Injury

rotator cuff injuries and post-surgical scarring

Relief of Stiffness, the Promotion of Muscle Relaxation, and Cell Restoration

Wound Management, Including Skin Ulcers, Pressure Sores and Burns

Soft Tissue Injuries, Including Sprains and Strains, Tendonitis and Hematomas

Joint Disorders and Conditions, Including Arthritis and Tenosynovitis

Chronic Pain, Including Trigeminal Neuralgia and Chronic Neck and Back Pain